JMH Companies aligns great people in strategic businesses, positioning them together to proactively drive innovation. Across all of our companies we take a long term approach, building value through intelligent investment in technology and real assets. Our success comes back to the urgency and discipline we practice when delivering happiness, efficiency and value to our customers.



1. Talented people aligned to drive value.
2. Momentum building corporate strategy.
3. Disciplined long term focus.
4. Aggressive and opportunistic deal making.
5. Intelligent focus on technology.


Long before it became our mission to provide a clean, efficient and friendly place to park, Jim Huger was working for parking management companies in Washington, D.C. and California. Yet, it wasn’t until the early 90s that Jim returned to New Orleans to lead business development at the family parking business, Dixie Parking. He eventually purchased the company, and by the late 90s, had turned it into the largest parking operator in the city. In 1998, a large national company, purchased Dixie Parking as part of a nationwide industry consolidation.

In 2005 Jim was presented with an opportunity to re-enter the parking business, and this time the goal was to build not the biggest, but the best management company. Premium Parking was created using Jim’s decade of experience in the industry. Today, with a strong focus on developing a professional corporate culture and using proven operating systems, we have grown to over seven companies across multiple industries.


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